How Do Beautiful Birthday Candles Burn

Aug. 11, 2021

Candles are made of wax or other oils for lighting, the main raw material is paraffin, mostly cylindrical. Candles are easy to melt, less dense than water and difficult to dissolve in water. When heated and melted into a liquid state, colorless and transparent and slightly heat volatile, can smell the characteristic smell of paraffin. When cold, it solidifies into a white solid form with a slight odor.

In ancient times, animal fat was usually used as a burning material for lighting, but nowadays, candles are made of paraffin wax only. The main component is C22-C28 n-alkanes. The auxiliary ingredients are usually white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, fragrance, etc. One of its most famous usage is being placed on your birthday cake. Now let's see how do birthday candles burn.

Spiral Birthday Candle

The candle we see burning is not the burning of the paraffin solid, but the ignition device ignites the wick, and the heat released causes the paraffin solid to melt and then vaporize, generating paraffin vapor, which is combustible here. When the candle is lit the initial flame is small and gradually becomes larger, the flame is divided into three layers, respectively, the outer flame, inner flame, flame center. 

Flame center mainly for the candle vapor, the lowest temperature, inner flame paraffin wax burning is not fully, the temperature is higher than the flame center, because there are some carbon particles, the outer flame and full contact with the air, the brightest flame, full combustion, the highest temperature, therefore, when a match stalk quickly flat into the flame, about 1 second after removal, the match stalk contact the outer flame part of the first black. When the candle burns, the products of combustion are carbon dioxide and water. In the oxygen bottle burning phenomenon for the flame bright white light, heat, the bottle wall with water mist.

According to the different processing and formulation, candles can be divided into two kinds of coarse wax and glossy wax, the surface of the general coarse wax often with a taste, there is a layer of white cream, different coarse wax will bring different smells, for example, in the bedroom can put some lavender candles, play a hypnotic, sedative effect, in the bathroom can put the ocean smell of candles, summer can also put some pine candles to drive away mosquitoes; and Glossy wax has no taste, the surface of the wax body is smooth, easy to make a very beautiful shape, the number candles are commonly made of that. Can also be classified according to the purpose of use, can be divided into two categories of ordinary candles and crafts candles for daily use lighting.

Number Birthday Candle

The custom of placing candles on birthday cakes can be traced back to the ancient Greco-Roman era. The worshippers of Artemis, the moon goddess of ancient Greece, celebrated the birthday of the moon goddess by placing honey cakes with burning candles on the altar. Later, the custom evolved to include burning candles on children's birthday cakes, with the addition of blowing out the candles. The ancient Greeks believed that burning candles had hidden magical powers and that if a child had a wish and blew out all the candles in one breath, he would get his wish.

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